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Comments Off on Wakeboard Slalom – How Fast Can I Run The Course?

As some of you may know, I’ve been slalom skiing a lot lately and really enjoying it.

Naturally my brain began to think – can I run the slalom course on a wakeboard, and if I can, how quickly can I do it? Plus, can I add a few flips in there too?

I think if my board had a little more rocker, I could probably go quicker.

All in all, a great challenge and experiment, and maybe a whole new sport?

Thanks so much for watching.


Comments Off on How many flips are possible in 1 minute – Wakeboard challenge!

Today I set out to break the Guinness Book of World Record for the most wakeboarding flips in under one minute! It’s not an easy task as you need the perfect conditions, an averagely small wake (not too small though) and a serious amount of stamina! I shortened my rope to 55ft, Tim put the throttle down and I gave it a go. Unfortunately I came up short and failed on the first attempt, so I took 10 minutes to catch my breath and went again!! I hope you enjoy this video, and thanks so much for watching. David

Comments Off on Wake to Wake 180 – Lesson 10 – Wakeboarding

In this video we take a look at a step by step way to doing a Wake To Wake 180. We discuss which of the following is the easiest: – Heelside 180 – Toeside 180 – Half Cab 180, or Switch Toeside 180 Here’s a breakdown of how to actually do any of the 180s.

1. Shorten your rope 5ft-10ft

2. Cut out 10ft from the wake Details

Comments Off on How to Wakeboard – Lesson 1

Hope this video helps you understand how to wakeboard and more importantly how to get up. I promise, if you’re thinking of trying wake boarding… DO IT!! You won’t regret it! Cheers, David

Comments Off on Wakeboarding – the difference between Cable and Boat boards

Can you use your cable board behind the boat? Actually I wasΒ pleasantly surprised by how good it was and honestly, I really enjoyed the playfulness of it on the water. I think with fins it could be epic!!

Comments Off on Wildcard Episode 2
9 July 2017

Wildcard Episode 2

“I enjoy every single day”… This is probably my favourite little interview I’ve ever done. Hope you enjoy the insight πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Comments Off on Wakeboarding Fundraiser

Sunday was amazing!! Absolutely buzzing! We raised €650 on the day and another €90 later for Scott and we had nothing but great vibes and new tricks all day! I can’t thank everyone enough for coming in and supporting!! Most of all though I have to thank the legend himself, Scott Keegan, for making the trip in to see the action. I know it was a big deal for him to get out of the hospital and join us! So THANK YOU!!
Also, A huge thank you to Wakedock for their support and of course Gar Kavanagh for helping me get the whole event going!!! So buzzing!! Details

Comments Off on Wakeboarding POV and Live Commentary

Thought it would be cool to do a video from a different perspective – where you can see what I’m seeing when I’m riding on the cable. Hope that you enjoy it! Thanks, David

Comments Off on Wakeboarding in Dublin in the sunshine!

Dublin right now is insane. It’s sunny, there’s zero wind and we are out wakeboarding on a Tuesday afternoon. Can’t complain about life right now!!

Comments Off on Night-time wakeboarding

What a brilliant weekend in Limerick City shredding at night with flares and LED lighting!Hope you enjoy.

Comments Off on Wakeboarding at Riverfest in Limerick, Ireland

Flew back to Ireland on Sunday and headed straight to Riverfest in Limerick. There was a huge crowd and this was the most crazy show/demo that I’ve ever done – literally so epic!!!

Comments Off on Getting fit for the Wakeboard season

Massive thanks to my friend, Kristan Johnson, for helping me get into shape for the season. Hope the video helps you. David

Comments Off on Ballyhass Lakes, Ireland
10 April 2017

Ballyhass Lakes, Ireland

A recent shot from Ballyhass Cable Park in the South of Ireland – a great spot for a shred!

Comments Off on Dublin days… wakeboarding photo shoot

Had to head in to Wakedock in the city centre today to do a photo shoot so I decided to do a vlog style video. Hope you enjoy. David

Comments Off on 25 ft. dock start wakeboarding!

One of the funnest times I’ve had wakeboarding in a while!!
Thanks Ballyhass Lakes for having me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Comments Off on Wakeboarding on a snowboard!
25 November 2016

Wakeboarding on a snowboard!

This was great craic – freezing cold but we had a great time! Hope you enjoy and thank you for watching. David

Comments Off on Wakeboarding in the Winter!
4 November 2016

Wakeboarding in the Winter!

Wakeboarding in the Winter can be tough. Here are a few tips to help you stay warm! Hope you enjoy. David

Comments Off on Shredding in the south of Ireland…….

Breaking the morning glass at Ballhyhass πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Comments Off on Quarter finals – European Wakeboard Championships, 2016

Stoked to come first in qualifying rounds and quarter finals to reach semis! Great riding from everybody so the pressure is mounting!
Coleraine EAs 2016 3

Comments Off on How to Bel Air on a wakeboard

Finally, How To do a flip on a wakeboard with no Rope or Wake!!! If you’re looking for some more ‘How To’ videos, or online coaching, check out my website at
Thanks for watching! πŸ™‚ David

Comments Off on Sunset on the River Shannon, Ireland

Beautiful evening in Ireland!
Sunset river shannon Ireland

Comments Off on Wakeisode 15 – Droneisode!

I am absolutely chuffed with this Wakeisode πŸ™‚ It’s class to get some good solid drone footage. Thank you to Huw Humphreys for this! Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

Comments Off on Stoked to take 1st at Irish Cable Nationals

Very, very, very happy to take the win at the Irish Cable Nationals. Riding cable contests is always a challenge, and with Robin Coates and John Tully riding so well it made it very tough! Great start to the season 😊😊😊.
Also, I must say, I’m delighted and proud to have seen so many unreal kids wakeboarding so, so well. Ireland has a bright future in Wakeboarding!
Thanks to Ballyhass Lakes for putting on a seriously epic event! Details

Comments Off on Wakeboarding behind a ski boat!

I always want to try new things and I often hear people complaining about their wake, saying it’s not big enough. I love a big wake myself, but unfortunately I don’t have access to a massive wake all the time, so I’m used to riding old wakeboard boats with medium sized wakes.

So I thought I’d try to ride behind a ski boat and find out what’s possible. I must say, I’m shocked at what’s possible!!!! Crazy!!!

Thanks for watching! πŸ™‚