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As it was requested, here’s an update on my ‘professional water skiing’ journey.

What started out as a fun session during a photoshoot has become a serious hobby – and who knows, maybe down the line I’ll compete!

When I first got home to Ireland with the ski, I was running the course at 46km/h however I’ve managed to up it to 52km/h. Today my goal is to learn how to run the course at 55km/h and maybe even try the competition speed of 58km/h! Details

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16 August 2020

Can I Slalom Ski?

So a couple of my friends go water skiing once a week just outside Dublin and invited me to join them. I decided I’d give it a go and see if I was able to run the slalom course on a mono-ski. I actually surprised myself on this one, maybe I’ll keep at it and try compete next year hahah. I hope you enjoy. David IASC –…