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Hi guys,

Last weekend to finish our little tour we went to Riverfest in Coleraine which was such a cool event and there were thousands of people on the riverside over the weekend. There was lots of entertainment for kids, jet ski demos, strong man and strong woman national championships and loads of other stuff.


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Hi guys,
Just a quick update on the weekend.
We all headed up to Northern Ireland for the Mid Air contest. It was a lot of fun withabout 32 riders. Everybody there was really interested and involved which made it great fun and created a great atmosphere. They ran it on the same format as Big Air – the best two out of three runs which means everyone gets to ride lots and you can try new stuff without worrying about getting through!
The riding was good but a lot of the top riders are still away or injured – like David Coates who was in Spain and Paul Johnston who dislocated his shoulder. I managed to get 1st place with Pete Stewart in 2nd.
What I really stoked about though was that I landed my first ever 900 on the Sunday which I was delighted with!!!