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26 July 2015

European Pro Tour Stop

I am so so so over the moon right now. I trained like crazy for this contest – the first European Pro Tour stop – and it paid off. I was last off the dock and everyone rode so so so so well. Mobe 5s, 7s and 9s being dropped left right and centre! It was mad to watch the lads ride that well!
I had a fire up my ass, and I had to go all out, and it paid off, I managed to take the top spot! Also, I won’t lie – I needed the few bob! Thank you to all my sponsors and everyone who organised this event! It was sick!
European Pro Tour stop

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Nationals 2015
So happy to take the Pro Men win again this year. It turns out it’s 6 in a row! Thank you so much to everyone for the support and encouragement. All my family, sponsors, and people I train with every single day. 😄 and congrats to everyone from the 2 lads next to me in this pic. to all the young up and comers who are really killing it!

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23 February 2015

Wakeboarding schedule

It’s going to be a great year! I’ll add in new dates as I get them.

Cheers, David


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20 February 2015

Xtreme Gene in 11 days!!!

xtreme gene May 2014Just booked my flight out to the best place to ride in Europe – Xtreme Gene! Heading out on March 3rd for a few days before the World Cup in Australia. So happy……

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world cup B1So happy to receive an invite to the first stop of the World Cup this year in Mandurah, Australia. I’m really working on my physio to ensure that I’m back in top form. Roll on March!!


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18 December 2014

Wake to Wake Premiere

Wow… I’m seriously blown away. I don’t even know what to say… Thank you…. To every single person who came last night to the Wake To Wake Premiere. I know some of you trekked up from Cork, Belfast and even Switzerland, and god knows where else. It was humbling to say the very least…….. After being there last night I really think this small army we have is going to change the sport in Ireland and in the next few years Wakeboarding will be more of a mainstream sport!!

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11 December 2014

Heading home to Ireland!

About to board my 39th and 40th flights of 2014 IRELAND….. I’m in the post! Can’t wait to get home!David heading home of 2014 IRELAND….. I’m in the post!

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I celebrated my 21st birthday here in Orlando. Thanks to my Mum & Dad for sending the balloons. Can’t wait to get home later this week to celebrate with my family and friends. Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes.
Nov 21st birthday

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28 November 2014

Thanksgiving in Florida

Just celebrated my first ever Thanksgiving over in the US of A. Sooo much food!! Thanks so much to the Mackies and family for having us over.

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Can’t believe that it’s colder here than at home! Yesterday was 9 degrees Celsius here and 11 degrees in Dublin but Team Ireland are still going at it!

Florida training

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20 August 2014

Demos & coaching

It’s been a busy two weeks travelling around Ireland doing demos, catching up with other riders and a little bit of coaching. I was up in Northern Ireland at Riverfest which is always a fun event to do demos at, then it was off down to Terryglass on the River Shannon to ride and hang out with the crowd there.

ballyhass coachingI also spent a weekend coaching at Ballyhass Cable and the banter is always brilliant there. Now I’m up in Cavan and Monaghan training for Chill and Ride which takes place this weekend in Germany. This comp is awesome and we have a good crew going out from Ireland. Fingers crossed to retain my title.Terryglass
Ballyhass dark