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Finally, How To do a flip on a wakeboard with no Rope or Wake!!! If you’re looking for some more ‘How To’ videos, or online coaching, check out my website at
Thanks for watching! πŸ™‚ David

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Very, very, very happy to take the win at the Irish Cable Nationals. Riding cable contests is always a challenge, and with Robin Coates and John Tully riding so well it made it very tough! Great start to the season 😊😊😊.
Also, I must say, I’m delighted and proud to have seen so many unreal kids wakeboarding so, so well. Ireland has a bright future in Wakeboarding!
Thanks to Ballyhass Lakes for putting on a seriously epic event! Details

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The Dublin Docklands Summer Festival is underway. Come down tomorrow and check out the wakeboarding action. Great atmosphere, great food and great craic! Dockfest!!!
Dockfest 2016

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It’s been a busy time again – went out to Xtreme Gene and then came back home to Ireland and did some coaching on the River Shannon – Ireland’s longest river. Hope you all enjoy.

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Can’t believe this weather in Ireland!!! Went riding today with no wetsuit! Lough Derg on the River Shannon was like glass….
Wakeboarding River Shannon Ireland

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Dubai sunset wakeboarding
Dubai, you have been absolutely phenomenal! Meeting new people and spending day after day on the boat. It has been a pleasure!

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21 March 2016

Wakeisode 4

Enjoy and if you wish to request any tricks contact me on Facebook
Thanks for watching. David

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10 February 2016

Wakeboarding fun!

Wakeboard is literally so much craic! I love it so so much!
muckno raley

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Delta waterways 1
Thanks to Luke at for the cool photos. What a class weekend!
Delta waterways 2

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Wow! Just rocked up to the sickest lake on this Top Secret Mission in California.
San Francisco

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20 January 2016

Bye Thailand…

bye thailandΒ Peace out Thailand!You’ve been beautiful and a lot of fun!
Now it’s time to head to the USA on a top secret mission πŸ˜„

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1 January 2016

Happy New Year

new year 2016
Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone for 2016. Thank you all for your support in 2015.

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Fun little shred the other day. Freezing though! It’s been raining so much lately that all the docks are submerged. Caravans next! Haha. Would be class to grind the top of one of them…….
caravan riding cavan

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21 November 2015

Wakeboarding in colour….

all purple Luke Lee
No filters, just a crazy colour effect from the Flash. Don’t know how Luke Lee Photography did this, but it’s pretty sick!!

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26 August 2015

Chill & Ride, Podium

I sorta just won Chill and Ride powered by NISSAN. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.
A storm blew up mid finals, so they called off the contest as it was too dangerous to ride. So they took the results from the previous round and split the prize money amongst all the finalists. That’s why I said ‘sorta won!! Haha.
Still an insane weekend out here in Germany! Also congrats to my Irish buddies Sian HurstΒ on her first place and toΒ Aisling Deegan Wakeboarder for making the podium in her first ever pro contest!
Chill & Ride 2015 podium

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Our Team won the Team Challenge. Our team included Irish team rider Sian Hurst, UK riders Sam Carne and Ed Blundell. We are all deeeelighted. Also, another Irish team rider, Aisling Deegan, was on the team that took the Bronze! Great day for the Irish! Today is the individual contest with a normal format so fingers crossed for that!!
Chill & Ride 2015 Team

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The organisers of Chill and Ride powered by NISSAN have sorted this rig for my team and me😍😍! Brilliant!
Chill & Ride 2015 set up

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Lowlands tour
So happy to win the Lowlands stop in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland at the weekend.

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Yesterday I managed to win the European super final and today I became the overall European Champion! Proud to be Irish up there! πŸ€πŸ€ Thank you to my sponsors, family, organisers, drivers, and of course the judges! And to Teams Ireland, and Italy for the shouting support!
EA 2015 Finals podium

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EA 2015 super finals
1st at the European Super Final in Holland! Speechless right now! Last off the dock, the pressure was surreal, somehow held it together after Nikita. Sam and the rest of the boys smashed it. That was the ride of a lifetime. Will try get a video of my run up later. Thank you all for the support!

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Yeeeoww! Just won my heat! And Paul Johnston – Wakeboarder is through to quarter finals too! Deeelliissshhhh!! Here’s the link if you want to follow the Championships
EA 2015 quarter finals

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Ballyhass July 2015
Had a beast of a time Ballyhass Lakes! It’s was so much craic and good to clock up a few hours before I do my cable operators license.
Also a massive shout out to Rory Coomey Photography for this shot! He certainly knows his way around the camera!

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14 May 2015

New TV Series
Couldn’t be happier to announce my new TV series ‘Off The D.O.C’ Coming to you in October on Setanta Sports Ireland.

Thanks to Monster Energy, Ballyhass Lakes and Nissan for supporting the show! And Apollo Entertainment Ireland for producing it!

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“Wake to Wake” Part 2! Here it is. I’m really proud of it! And we just put ourselves out there. So please don’t hate too much! hah. If you’re into it, or buzzing off it, please share it and let me know