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Very, very, very happy to take the win at the Irish Cable Nationals. Riding cable contests is always a challenge, and with Robin Coates and John Tully riding so well it made it very tough! Great start to the season 😊😊😊.
Also, I must say, I’m delighted and proud to have seen so many unreal kids wakeboarding so, so well. Ireland has a bright future in Wakeboarding!
Thanks to Ballyhass Lakes for putting on a seriously epic event! Details

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Dubai sunset wakeboarding
Dubai, you have been absolutely phenomenal! Meeting new people and spending day after day on the boat. It has been a pleasure!

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1 January 2016

Happy New Year

new year 2016
Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone for 2016. Thank you all for your support in 2015.

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Fun little shred the other day. Freezing though! It’s been raining so much lately that all the docks are submerged. Caravans next! Haha. Would be class to grind the top of one of them…….
caravan riding cavan

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21 November 2015

Wakeboarding in colour….

all purple Luke Lee
No filters, just a crazy colour effect from the Flash. Don’t know how Luke Lee Photography did this, but it’s pretty sick!!

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24 October 2015

Training in Florida

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Don’t know where the time has gone! I’ve been out here in Winter Haven, Florida training for a few weeks in the run up to the World Championships in Mexico next week. Lots of banter at Chain of Wakes and lots of other riders out here too.
cow Oct 2015

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26 July 2015

European Pro Tour Stop

I am so so so over the moon right now. I trained like crazy for this contest – the first European Pro Tour stop – and it paid off. I was last off the dock and everyone rode so so so so well. Mobe 5s, 7s and 9s being dropped left right and centre! It was mad to watch the lads ride that well!
I had a fire up my ass, and I had to go all out, and it paid off, I managed to take the top spot! Also, I won’t lie – I needed the few bob! Thank you to all my sponsors and everyone who organised this event! It was sick!
European Pro Tour stop

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Dockfest 3
Dockfest 4
dockfest 1
Dockfest 2
What an amazing weekend at the Dublin Docklands. The festival was incredible and the wakeboarding was brilliant. There were five international riders and myself and Aisling Deegan from Ireland. The crowd was fantastic and there was an estimated 50,000 people there over the two days. Big shout out to Alan, Padraic, Des and all the gang for organising such a great event.

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Mandurah 1 2015


Just landed in Australia for the first stop of the World Cup 2015 Proud to be representing that Irish flag! Details

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23 January 2015

Wakeboarding in Thailand

Hi everyone,

Sorry, it’s been a while since I posted. I had a knee injury and had to get that checked so I wasn’t even sure if I was going to make it to Thailand! Luckily an MRI showed that it’s just tendinitis so I  have lots of exercises to do to strengthen the muscles around my knee. This is an awesome place. A few of us came out here and spent the first couple of weeks at Thai Wake Park in Bangkok and have just now arrived at Phuket cable park following a 24 fun journey by train, bus and boat!! We’ve hired scooters too which are cool. Hope you like the photos! David Details

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13 September 2014

Wakeboarding – gap year!

gap year
A year ago I took a gap year from University to try and pursue my dream. These 12 months have been insane. I’ve been all over the world having the time of my life!!! I’ve met the coolest and most banterful people, seen the sickest places, got a free car, been flown around the world, filmed a documentary and learnt sooo much about life, business and how the world goes around! I can’t get over how outrageous this year has been! It’s mental!!!! All this wouldn’t be possible without my sponsors Monster Energy, OBrien Wakeboards, Nissan, Xtreme Gene Wakeboard and Waterski, Billabong Europe and Thongs. And also to all you guys who like comment and share stuff on this page! But most of all. My Mum and Dad!! They have always supported me and given me great advice! Details

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13 March 2014

Wake Journal Ad….

Yeya. So happy!! Got a shot in the new Wakejournal. You can check it out in the App Store!
Wake journal march 2014

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Yes! The first trailer for the documentary is just out. Check it out below and cheers to my family and the lads for the kind words! If you’re in a position to donate please check out If you can’t donate it would be fantastic if you could like and share on Facebook Thanks so much.