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Part two of our journey from Malin Head to Mizen Head in order to raise money for two charities.

Please Donate if you can:
Spinal Injuries Ireland…
Breast Cancer Research Institute https://breastcancerresearch.enthuse….

This is part two and I really thought this wouldn’t be tough, but I stand corrected!!! It certainly is! From big hills, to lots of rain and even full blown storms.

Cycling is no joke, and I now respect the pros more than ever. Details

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30 October 2020

Wakeboarder of the year

If you could, please vote for me in the Wakeboarder of the year (Boat Rider and Content creator)… Thank you!!! The answer to the title is OF COURSE!!! Thank you to everyone who sent in some questions and I hope you enjoy the Q & A. I cover everything from where I see myself in 5 years to binding angles, how to progress, wakeboarding cliques etc… Thanks for watching, and if you vote – thank you so much. David Details

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I caught up with 8 time Wakeboard World Champion, Harley Clifford, for this Podcast and we chatted about everything from his recent wedding, having a baby on the way, his biggest accomplishment to date, to where he thinks the sport of wakegoarding is going. We also discussed how he designs and builds a wakeboard. We even touched on him hanging out with Shammi Vlogs. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching/ listening. You can follow Harley on Instagram: Details

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If you have a couple of minutes to vote in Wakeboarding Magazine’s poll I’d be very grateful. Here’s the link… Seriously, thank you soooo so much!! I appreciate it more than you know! David Details

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Delta waterways 1
Thanks to Luke at for the cool photos. What a class weekend!
Delta waterways 2

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Wow! Just rocked up to the sickest lake on this Top Secret Mission in California.
San Francisco