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20 September 2023

Fundraiser – 625k cycle


Two friends and I have decided to cycle from Malin Head (the most Northerly place in Ireland), to Mizen Head (the most Southerly place in Ireland) all in order to raise money for two charities.

Please Donate if you can:
Spinal Injuries Ireland…
Breast Cancer Research Institute https://breastcancerresearch.enthuse….

This is our first few days captured in a documentary style. Over these two short days we encountered punctures, falls and more. Details

Comments Off on 100 KM Wakeboarding Challenge – 200 laps of the wakepark….

One things I’ve wanted to accomplish for years, is to see how far I can wakeboard.

It sounds crazy as usually wakeboarding is about tricks but it’s always something I’ve been intrigued by. Challenge No.1 is to see if I can wakeboard 100 kilometres. It’s basically a wakeboard marathon!!

The wakepark runs at about 30km/h so on this basis I should be able to do it in less than 4 hours. I also work out that each lap is about 0.5km, so it adds up to over 200 laps!! Details

Comments Off on Adaptive Wakeboarding & Waterskiing


We worked with Spinal Injuries Ireland to gather 4 people who have unfortunately suffered spinal injuries. Our goal was to introduce them to the sports of wakeboarding and waterskiing and hopefully get their hearts racing.

Here’s a link to donate… Any amount small or large goes a huge way.

This video is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and I’m delighted that with the support of the Irish Waterski & Wakeboard Federation, Spinal Injuries Ireland and Wake N Ski we were able to make it happen! Not to mention Eamonn, who is a world class (and champion) water-skier! Details

Comments Off on How to 360 on a Wakeboard – Tutorial


This is a concise tutorial on how to do a 360 on a wakeboard behind the boat.

You need to be able to do the fundamentals which include:

1. Wake To Wake
2. Heelside 180
3. Surface 360.

Then it’s time to give the trick an attempt. Here’s a step by step guide:

1. Cut out nice and wide.
2. Use the progressive edge to cut back towards the wake.
3. Get your pop first, then initiate the spin.
4. To spin, pull you back hip up to the handle (with two hands).
5. Reach around for the handle.
6. Look back to the shore you came from and bend your knees. Details

Comments Off on The Cheapest E92 M3 – High Mileage – My First V8


After daily driving my Nissan 350z for a little over a year, I hadn’t too many plans to change it as my friend Tim and I had put so much hard graft getting the 350z perfect that I grew an attachment to it.

Then this high mileage M3 came up for sale and whilst it wasn’t perfect, it did tick so many boxes:

4 seats
cruise control
heated seats
original Irish car (no rust)
full documented service history.

After this I took it for a test drive and decided it was worth a punt. Details

Comments Off on Wakeboarding on the Wild Atlantic Ocean (Ireland) goes horribly wrong…..

We headed west to wakeboard somewhere I’ve never ridden before – the Atlantic ocean.

I thought it would be good fun and it’s been on my bucket list as a place to wakeboard for years.

We loaded up the rib, and headed out to sea, however unfortunately our luck took a very quick and bad turn.

Despite all this, it was great to wakeboard on the sea even if it was rough, choppy, windy and expensive……

I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks so much for watching. Details

Comments Off on Cable Wakeboarding Ireland – Big Wipeout at Let’s Go Hydro

I woke up today and decided – I want to do some wakeboarding. Unfortunately Louis was busy and I only had a DJI Action Cam (Like a GoPro) but I decided I would do a little filming in a very raw way. I hope you enjoyed the video and the AMAZING riding hahah. Thanks for watching.


Comments Off on My Biggest Challenge yet – Cycling the length of Ireland

For a complete change of content, myself and 3 friends are planning to cycle. from Malin head, all the way down to Mizen Head. It’s from the most northerly point, to the most southerly point on our Irish Island.

No doubt for a top level cyclist this would be an easy feat, however, for us complete amateurs it’s going to be a serious challenge.

Whilst I’m very active, I do almost zero cardiovascular activity, and so cycling isn’t easy at all! Details

Comments Off on Learning to Slalom Ski like the Pros – Progress!

As it was requested, here’s an update on my ‘professional water skiing’ journey.

What started out as a fun session during a photoshoot has become a serious hobby – and who knows, maybe down the line I’ll compete!

When I first got home to Ireland with the ski, I was running the course at 46km/h however I’ve managed to up it to 52km/h. Today my goal is to learn how to run the course at 55km/h and maybe even try the competition speed of 58km/h! Details

Comments Off on Biggest Wake Comp of 2023 – Red Bull Duel Layout – 313 Wake Park

I’m over here in Lithuania at 313 Cable Park for the biggest wakeboarding event of 2023. It’s called Red Bull Wake Duel and it’s going to be insane. The best part is that the livestream is going to be hosted here on my YouTube channel this Saturday – so make sure to join us from 11am-5.30pm (local time).

We have some of the greatest riders on hand including Dom Hernler, @dominikguhrs1383 , @ThePeacockBrothers , amongst many more. @DaveAv and @domliek will be flying the drone to give you that up close and personal angle. Details