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Comments Off on Best place in the world to Wakeboard – my favourite location!

My home stomping ground in Cavan, Ireland. This is where I’ve learnt about 80% of the tricks I can do! I started skiing here at 5 years old and then took to wakeboarding at 10 years old. Fast forward over 15 years and it’s still my favourite place to ride.

The wake is small, however when the sun is out, and the water is flat, I can’t think of a better place to strap on a board and go for a shred.

I try and see how many tricks I can get on the small wake, including a tantrum to blind, whirly, tootsie, skeezer and even a slim chance! Details

Comments Off on learning to Slalom Ski – running the full course

I decided to hang up the wakeboard for the day, and give slalom skiing a proper go! It’s something I haven’t done properly in about 15 years, and even back then I was only a kid doing it for fun.

I actually think this is the first time I’ve run the whole course. Yes, I’m going quite slowly, and I’m on a long rope, but I’m buzzing to get into it a little more.

Who knows, maybe I’ll bring the ski home!?!

Thankyou so much for watching.

Comments Off on Wakeboarding in Ireland 2023 – cold, windy and small wake!


Well, the 2023 season has officially kick started and I’m absolutely delighted to be back on the water in Ireland.

The lesson we learn in today’s video is “A bad day wakeboarding is better than no day wakeboarding”.

It was choppy, quite cold and the boat barely started! However, we persevered and made it happen.

The highlight for me was watching my new videographer on the board – he was so surprisingly good!

I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks for watching. Details

Comments Off on Getting my tricks back! | Wakeboarding Dubai | Big Wake | Paradise


For my second big wake ride of the year, I decided to load up the ramfill on the Centurion Ri237 and go for it. I had a trickles on hand and I made my way through it one by one. These included

All the basic 540s
– HS FS540
– TS FS540
– Switch of both

All basic mobes
– Whirly
– Crowmobe/skeezer
– Tantrum to blind
– Tootsie
– Slim chance
– Backmobe

Toeside bs 540
Toe 7

Whirly 5

Most tricks came back pretty easily, however the backmobe, toeside 720 and whirly 5 were a little more tough work, but we got there! Details

Comments Off on Boat Wakeboarding in Dubai on the Centurion Ri237

It m wasy first ride on the boat in a long long time – so I decided to ease myself back into it.

Luckily the guys at Wake Dubai ( have a Centurion Ri237 which is one off my favourite wake boats of all time (after the Ri230).

For my first session back I took it easy, didn’t fill the ballast or any extra weight as it would make life too easy for me – and I wanted to get my technique and timing correct.

All in all it worked out really well, and whilst I wasn’t doing the world’s hardest tricks – I’m buzzing with what I was able to do. Details

Comments Off on Wakeboarding in Abu Dhabi


After quite a while off the water, I was only delighted to be back in the sunshine wakeboarding.

First stop was Al Forsan Watersports in Abu Dhabi. It’s relatively close to Europe and an awesome Wake Park. It’s got some new obstacle, and most importantly, glassy calm conditions.

Thanks so much for watching.


Comments Off on Tricks you must learn | Wakeboarding | Tutorial

So as the Zero to Hero series comes to an end (for now), I noticed there were a couple of tricks I left out and so I decided the best thing to do would be to make a video about these intermediate level fundamentals.

The first is the Ollie, which I have done a full tutorial on before, the second is an ollie 180 (bunnyhop) and the last is riding cuffed/blind.

These are all essential for progress, whether it’s for more advanced tricks, competitions or anything else. Details

Comments Off on How to 360 on a Wakeboard | Top Tips to get the handlepass

I hope these tips help you to land that 360!

00:00 intro
00:30 the 360
01:15 explained
01:33 shorten rope
01:44 approach
02:05 take off
02:12 spin
02:23 handle pass
02:32 common mistakes
02:55 video explainer
03:30 top tips
04:17 toeside 360

Comments Off on How to Frontroll on a Wakeboard – the secret to not butt-checking!

So, this isn’t necessarily the 4th flip you should learn – it might be the 15th or the first, but hopefully this tutorial helps you learn the toeside front roll.

A big thing to pay attention to is the piece about looking at the far shore. So many people under flip these and so that should help massively!

00:00 intro
00:30 explanation
01:03 basics
01:25 approach
01:49 take off
02:20 landing
02:35 secret
03:30 video explanation

Comments Off on Wakeboarding – Tantrum Tutorial

Welcome back to another basic invert tutorial. Today we’re learning one of the most popular out there – the Tantrum!

The Tantrum is a heelside back summersault. It’s not easy, however, if you have learnt every step along the way so far, then this should be okay and safe to learn!

Unfortunately you can’t really learn it one wake, and so your best option is to maybe just slow the boat down a little and shorten your rope 5ft.

Hopefully this video helps, and good luck! Details