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Comments Off on How To Switch – Beginner Wakeboarding Switch Tutorial

Next up, how to ride switch. It’s super important to learn how to do it early in your wakeboarding journey as it opens endless possibilities as you progress your riding. What I find helps is: Details

Comments Off on How to carve and cross the wake – Lesson 2

In this episode of Zero To Hero, we learn how to edge/carve on a wakeboard as well as crossing the wake with ease. There are three really useful tips for crossing over the wake: Details

Comments Off on 4 Easy Steps to Wakeboard – Lesson 1

If you’re new to the sport and want to learn how to wakeboard, then these 4 steps will help you. Details

Comments Off on Wakeboard World Championships 2022 | Practice | Italy

So we have just touched down in Italy (1 hour from Rome) for the IWWF Wakeboard World Championships. With over 160 competitors, a bunch of divisions and much more, it’s going to be a very exciting event. In this video we check out the location. the boat and take a practice ride. Unfortunately I won’t be competing this year as I have to leave early to head home for an important wedding! I hope you enjoy the video – and thank you for watching! David Details

Comments Off on What is Wakeboarding? | Zero To Hero | New Series | Wakeboarding 101

I am delighted to finally get this new series underway. It’s something I have wanted to create for a number of years now, but never put the time or effort into. It’s called Zero To Hero and the concept is to have a documented step by step process of how to wakeboard. From never seeing it, all the way to inverts and spins. It’s essentially my wakeboarding masterclass! New videos will be dropping every Tuesday and Friday and all the videos will be in order. So as we begin the wake season, please join the learning process. I’m excited to see how quickly people can progress. Here’s an idea of some of the tutorials we will see this summer – getting up – crossing the wake – wake jumps – progressive edge – 180s – flips – spins and much much more. Details