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Comments Off on Wakeboarding – Mistakes people make learning the Backroll – Tutorial

Wakeboarding – backroll. So most wakeboard crashes are because of something similar to the following. Details

Comments Off on 5 Easy Cable Wakeboarding Tricks for Beginners

Beginners find it difficult to learn which trick is next. Here are 5 of the easiest new tricks with little tutorials. Hopefully they help you progress your wakeboarding. Details

Comments Off on Best Wakeboarding Contest of all time – Red Bull Wake Capital

Link to full show… Held in Hamburg, Germany, with Red Bull TV, this was the greatest wakeboard competition of all time! Called #RedBullWakeCapital the wakepark was set up for the most advanced and professional riders you could imagine. It had 5 levels, a shipping container and even a digger! Certainly not suitable for beginners! haha. Some of the world’s best wakeboarders were on site including Nik Ghurs, Liam Peacock, John Dreiling, Daniel Grant, Liam Brearly, Pedro Caldez, Guenther Oka and of course Timo Kapl who went on to win the event. I hope you enjoy watching the video and thanks to everyone who made the event so much fun! David Details