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Tim is used to riding small wakes like his 15ft rib, and whilst this wake isn’t a wake boat like a Centurion, it still has a medium sized wake. Tim learnt how to approach the wake, how to take off, and most importantly the timing of standing tall combined with the progressive edge. Details

Comments Off on How to jump high Wakeboarding! – Wake to Wake

If you want to jump high on a boat wakeboarding this tutorial will give you the tips to going bigger on your board. It works for any boat, from a cheap used boat, a jetski, a rib and of course a big wakeboard boat like a Centurion! Step 1. Cut away from the wake. Step 2. When you get out, wait for the boat to slowly pull you back in. Step 3. Slowly start to progress your edge. Step 4. Hold your edge right the way through the wake. Step 5. Stand tall at the top of the wake, and push down on the handle. Step 6. Keep your head up in the air (you can take your back hand off to balance yourself if you like. Step 7. Bend your knees on the landing. Step 8. Celebrate! Hopefully this helps you learn, and thanks for watching. David Details

Comments Off on He’s learning fast! Beginner Wakeboarding

As many of you know, I’ve been teaching one of my good friends how to wakeboard this summer. He has gone from being a complete newbie/engineer to progressing at an insane rate. Last week he learnt a toeside backroll, and this week he learnt a 360 as well as a nose press dock start. It just goes to show how fast you can learn if you put your head down! Thanks for watching. David Details

Comments Off on How to Raley on a Wakeboard – Superman

One trick that’s very impressive, and not actually too difficult to do, is the ‘Raley’. It’s effectively a Superman on a wakeboard. Here’s a little tutorial on how to do one and, most importantly, the easiest way to learn it is off a kicker. I hope the video helps you nail it! David Details

Comments Off on Golf R or BMW M235i?
10 July 2021

Golf R or BMW M235i?

This is a little bonus video that we decided to film. I always wanted a Golf R and so about a year ago I sold my GTI and took the plunge and bought an R. After 7 or 8 months of ownership I got a really good offer on it and decided to sell it! I loved the Golf R and wasn’t really 100% sure what to get next. Then I test drove a friends BMW M235i and loved it. It had a really raw feeling and mechanically it ticked a lot of boxes. 6 cylinder engine, manual gearbox and rear wheel drive! I headed to the UK and bought one right before the VRT hike. There’s a little twist at the end of the video……… I hope you enjoy it! David Details

Comments Off on I taught my friend to flip on a Wakeboard!

So last year my friend Tim got into wakeboarding. He has been coming to the cable park with me once or twice a week. In the last video I did a tutorial on how to toeside backroll, and when I was filming it Tim was paying close attention and then tried one out of the blue! It was extremely close and so today when we went to the cable I encouraged him to try another! Fast forward a few attempts and he has landed it! Hope you enjoy the video and thanks so much for watching. David Details