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Comments Off on Learning 1st Invert on a Wakeboard

Often people ask me what is the easiest invert/flip to learn on a wakeboard, or which one should they try first. The answer is – everyone’s different. For some it’s the tantrum, for others it’s a backroll, and for many others it might be a scarecrow or a front roll. All that said, in my opinion, the toeside backroll is the easiest flip to learn on a cable or at a cable park. It’s exactly the same as doing a backflip on a trampoline. So if you have good board control then you’ll be laughing! Hopefully this tutorial/lesson helps you progress your wakeboarding, and thanks for watching! David Details

Comments Off on How to 360 on a Wakeboard

Earlier this week I did a poll on my Instagram and the results showed that many of you would like to see more tutorials, so here is the first of many. It’s a tutorial to take you from a-z on 360 and covers everything from surface 360s, 360 on a box/obstacle and even some instructional on doing a 360 spin off the kicker. Hopefully it helps you to learn them. David Details

Comments Off on Ultimate Action-Packed Road Trip | Red Bull Athlete Conor Shanahan | Drifting Sim + Go Karting | Episode 3

Episode 3 is finally here!! As many of you know, I have teamed up with Red Bull Ireland to go on a mega road trip around Ireland showcasing not only all the thrilling adventure activities that are on our doorstep, but also to meet and hang out with their various athletes in each of their sports. For this episode we went down to Co. Cork to visit drifting extraordinaire, Conor Shanahan. He takes us around his garage, where he’s building his next drift car (A GT86) as well as taking us inside his home to show us how he practices on his racing simulator. After this we headed down to the Watergrass Hill to do a few laps with the guys from Tillitson Racing in their K4 karts. Overall it was a fantastic day and great to meet someone I’ve been watching drift for the last few years! Thanks so much for watching and see you in the next episode. David Details

Comments Off on My new pro model cable wakeboard 2021

I am absolutely thrilled to present my all-new Pro Model cable wakeboard for 2021. The DOC X SOB. It’s a very limited edition version of the very popular cable SOB board with a customised graphic. Having a pro model board is every wakeboarder’s dream and I’m lucky enough to have fulfilled this dream three times now. After two very successful boat boards (the O’Brien Valhalla), O’Brien were kind enough to let me get to work on a cable graphic. It’s all down to the lads and lassies’ support, as without the YouTube channel and following, none of this would be possible. Hopefully you like what you see and a massive THANK YOU again for all your support! Details