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Apparently, Ashley Kidd, who is five times world champion wake surfer, used to be terrified of the water! This is a podcast we just did recently. I hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for watching. David Details

Comments Off on Day in the life of a wakeboarder in lockdown!

Hello Lads and Lassies. How are ya’ll? Whilst I’m still home in Ireland, unable to travel, I decided to do another little Q & A. However, to make it a bit more entertaining and engaging, I have spiced it up a little. In this video I answer some of your questions: Details

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10 February 2021

Podcast with J.B.O’Neill

I’ve been using my time that I can’t spend on the water doing Tips for Tricks and some podcasts. I’ve done a couple for Centurion and the first one is with J.B. O’Neill giving you some insight into his life. Also, if you’re interested in Centurion Boats, visit Thanks for watching. David Details

Comments Off on Coaching my subscribers – part 2 – free tips!

2021 and we’re still on strict lockdown in Ireland! As I’m unable to wakeboard, I thought it would be cool to have more people submit videos on Instagram of them trying a new trick and I’d give helpful tips. In this video we cover: a heelside backroll on the boat, and on cable there are tips for a crowmobe and tantrum off the kicker, a toe 7 and a topside backroll on the kicker. I hope you find the tips helpful and and fingers crossed we can get back to making live videos soon. David Details