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Comments Off on Coaching my subscribers – Wakeboarding

As I’m still at home in Ireland and we have entered another even stricter lockdown, I decided it would be a cool idea to ask you guys (my subscribers) to submit videos of your attempts at tricks where you have difficulty, and then analyse them and give you some tips. In this video I basically give some tips/tutorials for 360s, rails, front rolls, tantrums and landing blind. Hopefully the tips help you see the most common reasons for crashing on a wakeboard. Feel free to send more videos my way on instagram (davidoc). Thanks so much for watching. Merch –… Details

Comments Off on Learning to Foil – easier than expected!

The guys at Wakedock, in Dublin, messaged me and invited me to learn how to Foil. I’ve always wanted to learn it but have never really had the opportunity before. I have to say it was very enjoyable! It’s such a smooth sensation! Huge thanks to the guys for teaching me, I can’t wait to try again. I hope you enjoy the edit. Thanks, David Details

Comments Off on My Number 1 Tip for Wakeboarding!

The biggest and most important thing when it comes to wakeboarding progress is……. THE BASICS. It’s the most overlooked thing, particularly when someone never gets any coaching. Naturally we want to learn cool flips, inverts and spins, however, you can never spend enough time working on the basics, never!! Darren was guilty of skipping the basics and he openly admits he learnt this lesson the hard way! So remember, number one wakeboarding tip, walk before you run! ` Thanks for watching. David Details