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26 September 2020

Wakeboarding fun!

So we have a great week ahead of us with a little 5.7 metre rib. My friend has had this lying around his garden for the past 3 years and so we decided to fit a little pylon and go wakeboarding behind it. It’s not a massive wake but it’s great fun. I hope you enjoy the video. David Details

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20 September 2020

How to Raley on a Wakeboard

When it comes to doing ‘Raleys’ (superman on a wakeboard), there are many ways. Behind a boat, off a kicker and even the air raley. I originally learnt it off a kicker (despite being more of a boat rider at the time) as it’s just a whole lot easier and less dangerous. Hopefully this tutorial will help you try it. Thanks for watching. David Details

Comments Off on A 95kg man landed on top of me – Wakeboarding!

So DC Wake and I were just riding around the cable trying to do a bit of filming. It was all going very well and we were getting some awesome GoPro footage when all of a sudden I messed up my line and didn’t get out of his way. Next thing I knew he did a whirlybird right on top of me! Safe to say my arm is still paying the price. Hope you enjoy the video and plenty more to come soon. David Details

Comments Off on New Wakeboard Edit – Q & A
5 September 2020

New Wakeboard Edit – Q & A

Link to Full Edit – Hope you enjoy a more chilled Q&A whilst I’m on a little car journey. Here’s a list of the questions: Details