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So this week I went back down to Ballyhass Lakes in Cork to wakeboard and tried the brand new rail (named the Jon-Ten). It’s an absolute beauty that was built in just 3 short days. Super fun session on it. I hope you enjoy watching. David

Comments Off on Win a free live video Wakeboard coaching session

WakeDock in Dublin has opened back up and so I have been riding there a lot lately! It’s great to be able to ride in the heart of Dublin again. Challenge: guess the tricks towards the end of the video and if you guess correctly I’ll pick one of you to win a live coaching video call with me. Either boat or park. The tricks are filmed on a GoPro hero 8 so the POV chest mount might make them tricky to figure out! Hope you enjoy and good luck!

Comments Off on Mastering the Basics – cable wakeboarding

Often the chain of progression can be a difficult one for riders to figure out. Many of us don’t know which trick we should learn next or what tricks/ basics are needed to learn the next one. I made this video to show you the 4 fundamental tricks you need to master in order to hit an obstacle. I hope they help. See you in the next video. David Details

Comments Off on Learn to Wakeboard – 3 Easy Steps

Over the coming weeks I will be releasing a step by step instructional series on how to cable wakeboard, from never having been before to hitting obstacles and doing flips. I hope you enjoy the series and thanks so much for watching. David Details

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3 June 2020

TBT Wakestock, 2011

I just got tagged in this #TBT from 2011 when I won my first professional contest. It was WakeStock, which was probably my favourite ever event to date and as you can see the rails were pretty sketchy 😂
📷 – Chris West Details