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Comments Off on Making a Wakeboard Video – behind the scenes

This video shows what it’s like making Wakeboarding videos for YouTube. As you will see, it was windy, it was cold and we had some technical issues but this didn’t hold us back! I hope you enjoy. David Details

Comments Off on O’Brien 2020 Valhalla DOC Wakeboard
2020 O’Brien Valhalla doc Wakeboard

Here she is. – my 2020 Pro Model 😍 and here’s the link if you’re interested in buying one.
Thanks OBrien Wakeboards for making this happen Details

Comments Off on Can I wakeboard on this box?
14 September 2019

Can I wakeboard on this box?

Soooo….. I decided to try and wakeboard an unorthodox piece of equipment the other day. This box with some double sided sticky tape was nearly impossible but I make it happen. I’d love to try go back to the cable park on a less windy day. Thanks for watching. David Details

Comments Off on Bucket List? Fulfil one of your dreams!

I’ve got a million and one things still left to do on my bucket list. Everything from Ice Sailing (it looks crazy) to wakeboarding around Ireland. If you could pick a couple things on your list, what items would you like to achieve within the next year? Crazy trips, new sports or even wakeboard tricks?

Im glad to say I’m working with Fulfil Nutrition who want to feed your dream by helping tick some things off that list! The winner will also of course be supplied with a load of FULFIL bars to fuel you along the way!
To enter post a video/image (on your IG or FB), or comment and tag a friend below, detailing your top 3 bucket list ideas using the hashtag  #LifesWonderfuel#FeedtheDream#AD Details

Comments Off on How to weight a Wakeboard Boat – properly!

This video is about how to load a Centurion Ri237 – or any boat – for that matter. It’s a combination of ballast, trim and ram fill. I hope you find it helpful. Thanks for watching. David