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Comments Off on Ireland – First full-size wakeboard cable park!

I cannot believe I’m uploading this video! It’s insane that we have finally got a world class cable park. I’m ecstatic! It’s going to be a game changer for me and my own wakeboarding! Thanks so much to everyone at Let’s Go Hydro for making this happen! Details

Comments Off on My new car – MK7 GTI
27 July 2019

My new car – MK7 GTI

Yes….. buzzing to finally get a fast petrol car and I absolutely looove it! I’ve had my eye on Golf GTIs for a while and this one fitted my criteria perfectly. Thanks so much to Eddie from for helping to make this happen. David Details

Comments Off on How to Nose Press on a Wakeboard

Nose Pressing, and any pressing can be a little bit difficult to learn. The good news is I have some good top tips for you to help you learn it. On top of that it’s actually a trick you can learn quite easily and for that reason I hope you enjoy trying this trick. Thanks for watching. David Details

Comments Off on Scariest boat launch of my life!

So we arrived in Saudi Arabia for the World Cup in Neom. I went down a couple of hours early to help out with setting up the wake on the Centurion Fi23. We had a hard moment getting it off the trailer and nearly lost the whole thing. Hope you enjoy the sketchiness! David Details