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31 January 2019

How to 911 on a Wakeboard

The 911 on a wakeboard is a very impressive trick, much like the Raley (which looks like a Superman). it’s incredibly scary, but actually it’s not too difficult. I hope you enjoy the video and learn from it too. Thanks for watching. David Details

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26 January 2019

Wakeboarding Australia 2019

Wakeboarding in Bundalong on the Murray river
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So, I hit up Melbourne Wakepark with the crew and found out they are the only/the first disabled friends cable park in the world. They have all the gear there so anyone can learn how to ride, no matter what! Massive thank you to Robbie for teaching me how to do it and also for launching over me! Not scary at all! Hope you enjoy and many more Australia vlogs to come 🙂

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Wakeboarding on the Murray River near Melbourne….

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So I thought since I’m wakeboarding in Australia again (Bundalong, on the Murray River) it’s time to start challenging myself. How many variations are there of 180s?



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10 January 2019

Wakeboarding Bundalong

Another perfect day for wakeboarding in Bundalong!

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It’s great to be back wakeboarding in the sunshine!