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Comments Off on Flipping behind an 8ft. Rib – Fail!

So we got some of Ireland’s best cable riders and gave them a go at boat riding. It was really interesting seeing the differences in their approach and everything. Then for some bonus footage, I managed to try do a flip behind an 8ft rib which was insane. Hope you enjoy. David

Comments Off on How To Get Sponsored!
12 October 2018

How To Get Sponsored!

Hope you enjoy the slightly alternative video on how to get sponsored in Wakeboarding. Not sure how I feel about it but thought I’d put it out there and hopefully people like it. Thanks for watching.

Comments Off on How to get my board NOW!
7 October 2018

How to get my board NOW!

Thank you so much to everyone for your support. If you want to order the board in the US For European orders call Rachel +44 1332 813150 Everywhere else in the world contact local dealer. (If you have issues please DM me on Facebook and I’ll try help you out…

Thanks again. David

Comments Off on Red Bull Cliff Diving – What I do?

A bunch of people have been asking me why I keep going to Cliff Diving events and what I actually do there. I mostly do social media stuff, instagram etc. but I also do some live TV interviews and reporting. I hope you enjoy the slightly different video.

Thanks for watching and thanks to RedBull for having me.


Thanks so much for some of the footage @ RedBull Content Pool