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Comments Off on New obstacle at the Wake Park

So, Ballyhass Wake park has kicked 2018 off with a brand new transfer box rail thingy. I must say, it’s user friendly and good for learning harder rail hits on the wakeboard. But can also be challenging for professionals. Hope you enjoy the rail session video. Thanks, David

Comments Off on Wakeboard coaching in Germany

Guten Morgen!! At the start of May I’m going to be in Germany coaching at Magix Wakeboarding Wakeboardschule & Eventlocation! If anyone wants to join get in touch with them 😊🤘🏻 Thanks, David

Comments Off on Jumping off a van on my Wakeboard

I saw the opportunity and I had to take it – crazy dock starts and wakeboard challenges is what I live for! I hope you guys enjoy it, and thanks to Darren for having us out.

Comments Off on Stoked – made the cover of Wakeboarding Magazine!!

Years ago I started a YouTube channel for a few reasons, one of which was due to frustration in not getting any/enough publicity or media coverage from within the industry. Fast forward 3 years (nearly to the day), and I find out I just got the cover of Wakeboarding Magazine (and the nicest article ever)!! That is mental!!! It feels so incredibly savage to have the support of the industry behind me!! The next year is gunna be unreal!! #coverup

Comments Off on How to hit Rails Wakeboarding

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a tutorial, so I thought I’d team up with John Dreiling and do a cool cable lesson. I also incorporated it into a vlog as I know the lads and lassies enjoy vlogs!

Comments Off on Double Flips & Jumping out of Planes

Day 4 on the ultimate road trip and things have continued to escalate! Today we started off sky diving and then zero gravity plane rides, followed by a good old session at Orlando Watersports Complex.

Hope you enjoy the video, and for any more info on the trip that I’m on, here’s the site Thanks for watching. David

Comments Off on Flyboarding, Hang gliding, Wakeboarding & Bungee slinging…

Hang gliding, Flyboarding, wakeboarding and bungee slinging, all in one day…. This is living! Also trying double flips on a wakeboard and learning to flip dock start. Delighted 🙂 Thanks so much US Cable tours – this trip is insane

Comments Off on Hang Gliding in Florida

Life right now is 👌🏻.
US Cable Tours

Comments Off on Craziest Kicker Session at Ski Rixen!

Video No.2 from the most epic road trip I’ve ever been on! I’ve always wanted to ride at Ski Rixen ever since I was young and watched Nick Davies wakeboard here – so it’s a dream come true! Hope you all enjoy the video and thank you for watching. David

Comments Off on AirBoating in Alligator Swamps!

So, I’m in Florida on the Ultimate Wakeboard Road trip! For more information, hit up

We have some crazy plans in the coming week, so stay tuned. Thanks for watching lads and lassies.


Comments Off on Back in the air again….

Back in Dublin airport ready for an insane trip to Florida! Innocent Drinks Ireland fueling me for another long flight 😴. Can’t wait for the week of my life – Ultimate Road Trip Details