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25 February 2017

Riding in Brazil

This is such an awesome place. Unfortunately, I’ve had the flu so haven’t been able to ride that well. I’ve made a couple of edits of challenges – the 180 & 360 challenges – 8 different 180s and 8 different 360s. If you’re interested, check out my Facebook athlete page here:
Thank you,

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Hope you enjoy – from one amazing country to the next….

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22 February 2017

Arrived in Brazil

Landed in São Paulo, Brazil! This place is amazing!! Here shredding with my good friend Marcelo Giardi!!
Brazil 1

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20 February 2017

Raw Wakedboarding edit

Lake Rapel in Chile was a bit windy, so I decided to do a raw video as if you were on the boat with me. Hope you like it and thank you, as always, for watching. David

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18 February 2017

Sunrise in Chile…

Second last day at Rapel Dam and what a beaut of a sunrise!
chile sunrise 1

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16 February 2017

Chilling in Chile!

A little video showing how things are going in Chile. Thanks for watching. David

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This is an amazing spot to ride!

chile Rapel Dam

Wakeboarding Rapel Dam

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13 February 2017

Wakeboarding in Chile

First video from this Chile trip. Worked hard on the editing on this one, so I hope you enjoy!!


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Dublin airport
Really looking forward to South America!!

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What a brilliant month!! Hope you enjoy the recap and thanks for watching. David

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I just found out that I won the 2016 European Wakeboarder of the year award and I’m absolutely buzzing!! There are loads of amazing Wakeboarders out there who could have easily won this, so that just makes it an even bigger honour!! It’s actually SO satisfying being recognised for the work I put in, so thank you!!!
Wakeboarder of the year 2016