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Ballyhass July 2015
Had a beast of a time Ballyhass Lakes! It’s was so much craic and good to clock up a few hours before I do my cable operators license.
Also a massive shout out to Rory Coomey Photography for this shot! He certainly knows his way around the camera!

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26 July 2015

European Pro Tour Stop

I am so so so over the moon right now. I trained like crazy for this contest – the first European Pro Tour stop – and it paid off. I was last off the dock and everyone rode so so so so well. Mobe 5s, 7s and 9s being dropped left right and centre! It was mad to watch the lads ride that well!
I had a fire up my ass, and I had to go all out, and it paid off, I managed to take the top spot! Also, I won’t lie – I needed the few bob! Thank you to all my sponsors and everyone who organised this event! It was sick!
European Pro Tour stop

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Nationals 2015
So happy to take the Pro Men win again this year. It turns out it’s 6 in a row! Thank you so much to everyone for the support and encouragement. All my family, sponsors, and people I train with every single day. 😄 and congrats to everyone from the 2 lads next to me in this pic. to all the young up and comers who are really killing it!

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Something has just arrived in the post. Wonder what it could be? OBrien Wakeboards 🚤——🏄