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23 February 2015

Wakeboarding schedule

It’s going to be a great year! I’ll add in new dates as I get them.

Cheers, David


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20 February 2015

Xtreme Gene in 11 days!!!

xtreme gene May 2014Just booked my flight out to the best place to ride in Europe – Xtreme Gene! Heading out on March 3rd for a few days before the World Cup in Australia. So happy……

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19 February 2015

Knee injury update….

Well, I have good news. I’ve been attending a physio (my third one!!) who’s also a personal trainer and it turns out that as well as patellar tendinopathy, I also still have OSG which I suffered from as a kid. However, my new pysio has me on a rehab and biomechanical programme and he reckons I should be able to get back on my board in 2 weeks!!! I’m sooooo happy even though it doesn’t leave me much water time before the World Cup in Australia. Still, hopefully I won’t disgrace myself!


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10 February 2015

Good to be home in Dublin!

Sunrise over Dublin Bay

Sunrise on Killiney Bay! Great to be back in my Nissan Juke!


Comments Off on Wakeboard World Cup invite – Mandurah

world cup B1So happy to receive an invite to the first stop of the World Cup this year in Mandurah, Australia. I’m really working on my physio to ensure that I’m back in top form. Roll on March!!