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Yes! The first trailer for the documentary is just out. Check it out below and cheers to my family and the lads for the kind words! If you’re in a position to donate please check out If you can’t donate it would be fantastic if you could like and share on Facebook Thanks so much.

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Ohhhhhh yesssss.. I Have all 3 types of OBrien Wakeboards boots to play with. GTX, Nomad Orange AND Black.  Check out the O’Brien catalogue for all this great gear and more!

Comments Off on Bad things don’t happen in threes…..

A series of unfortunate events:

1. Car breaks down (brakes locked up)
2. Mechanic couldn’t fix it on the spot
3. Mechanic Drops me home – I forgot the keys
4. I ring management company, they can’t do anything. I call locksmith.
5. Locksmith comes – he can’t unlock the lock (and tries to charge $45 for basically nothing! hhaha)
6. Ohhhh it’s fine, I’ll call a friend – phone has 0% battery.
7. I walk for about 3 miles (it’s cold and I’m in shorts hahah) – there it is the Golden Arches ( I haven’t eaten in almost 12 hours!)
8. Doors are closed – but drivethru is 24hours! yeeewww
9. They won’t sell me anything cause I’m not in a car (what difference does it really make? A sale is a sale! haha silly Macdonads!
10. I walk another 2 miles. – Yesss I actually get food!!)
11. I walk a last half mile or so – yess hotels!!!
12. Hotels are booked out! ahhhhhhhh at this stage I’m about to lose it!! Details

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17 February 2014

Alliance Wake Gear Guide

Another cool shot by Luke Lee Photography back in Xtreme Gene Wakeboard and Waterski in November. Stoked on this as it made it to the Alliance Wake gear guide! Yeoow

Comments Off on Valentine’s day with the love of my life!

I spent Valentines day with the love of my life – wakeboarding! She was so nice! She even gave me 5 Pete Roses! Yeee, landed a Pete 5!!!

Comments Off on Go Pro edit at Chain of Wakes

Hi folks,

Here’s a new little gopro edit shot by Scott Audette: Photographer & Director. I love how it shows a different perspective of the tricks  Hope you enjoy!

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7 February 2014

Hybrid Wake Ad

Whooppp whooop. Cheers to OBrien Wakeboards for using this advert in the latest Hybrid Wake magazine! And shout out to Luke Lee Photography for taking it the shot! 

Comments Off on Wakeboarding film documentary

Hi everyone,

This year, one of my main projects is to create a 52 minute long film with film maker Jonny MacCann to go on Setanta. Monster Energy have already helped us out a lot, but the more funding we can get, the better the final product can be. Check it out on or have a look at the video below. If you’re not in a position to help us, if you could like and share it on Facebook to help get the word out it would be amazing! Thanks a billion. Details