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Another amazing sunset at Xtreme Gene

Having a blast out here at Xtreme Gene in Spain both training and coaching. Pro Riders, David Coates from Ireland, and Carro Djupsjo from Sweden, are really killing it! Carro landed her first Tantrum to Blind. Unfortunately, the next day she tried a late roll to blind and took a whopper back edge and is still recovering! There are about 40 people out here from Ireland at the moment – riders and skiers so it’s a lot of fun too and the weather is amazing! Only another few days of sunshine and warm water training here!

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What a week! Six solid days of photo shoots!  Perfect weather here and the light has been awesome. Big thanks to Luke Lee who got some amazing shots. Here’s a little taster of what’s to come!

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Cable & Wake Belfast

It’s been a busy two weeks. I got to ride with some friends in Belfast and on Lough Sillan. Then I went back to Cable & Wake in Belfast to do some filming for a Sky TV programme on the Titanic Quarter, followed by another filming session a couple of days later at Wakedock in Dublin…… Finally I flew out here to Xtreme Gene near Cordoba in Spain for some warm weather training. I’ll be here for almost three weeks so I’m stoked about that – best place in Europe to ride!!! Check them out at Details

Comments Off on Big Air Wakeboarding Comp. Lough Muckno, Ireland

Yeeew!! Came 1st at Big Air at the the weekend! It was an unreal event and sooo much fun! Thanks to everyone who organised the event, and to the sponsors – Rob Skelly from The Edge Watersports, Debbie from Xtreme Gene and all the team at Breathe Boardwear. Big congrats to all the category winners!!! Check out 10 more great photos from Des Burke-Kennedy!! Thanks again Des.