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Thanks everyone! Just hit 250,000 page views since my website was set up just over a year ago. Visitors have come from 86 countries!! Thanks so much to all of you.
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Another video from the World Cup in Indonesia.



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11 February 2013

Wakeboarding & Banter

Hey Guys,

Just back from a really really fun weekend riding at my place in Cavan. Fortunately, the weather was actually okay for most of the weekend so we were able to get a good bit of shredding done!

On Saturday it was myself, Sian Hurst, Sam Carne (who hadn’t ridden in the cold for 7 years!!) and Brian Deegan who took his first set after 11 months off the water due to his knee surgery. We had a great time and the water was like glass, and the sun even popped out for about 12 minutes!

Then on Saturday we were joined by Ashley Murray (Big Ash) to come for a shred or two. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite as on par as Saturday, but none the less, we all managed to have a slick time in the rain, and do a few cool tricks and we had a lot of banter.

Looking forward to getting out to Xtreme Gene in Spain very soon before heading to Aus for the World Cup in March 🙂 Details

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1 February 2013


Being sponsored by Monster has surprising advantages…. I took my car up to a garage to have the window tints done and I was wearing a Monster hat. I spotted a guy there who looked familiar and he started chatting to me when he saw the Monster logo. Turns out he is Jules Chambers (who owns loads of drift teams in Ireland) and he offered me a spin there and then. It was so cool. He drove sideways around the whole industrial estate in busy traffic for about ten minutes before he decided we’d better get back to the garage before the police came!  Details