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Comments Off on How to 180 on a Wakeboard – 3 Easy Versions

In today’s video we’re going to learn how to do 180s. These are fundamental to wakeboarding, particularly as you progress your riding, as they’ll open many doors to more difficult tricks. First up, I find the easiest 180 is the Half Cab, as you land in your normal riding position. The second easiest is the toeside 180 and then the heel side. The most difficult one is certainly switch toeside – no pressure to learn this yet! The main things to focus on when doing any spins on a wakeboard are: to go up first, then spin, as if you spin off the wake you’ll get a faceplant! I hope this video helps, and feel free to ask any questions below. David

Comments Off on How to Grab on a Wakeboard – step by step

Here’s a trick to try for the weekend. A grab. Generally speaking, grabs are easiest heel side and one wake. On top of that, here are some of the easiest ones: – Indy – Tailgrab. There are a number of things that can help grabbing, however the biggest tip is to break it down. 1. Get a jump with just one hand 2. Grab you knee 3. Grab your binding 4. Touch the board. 5. Grab it properly. On top of this, some other useful tips are: – Get your pop first, then go for the grab. – Suck your knees/bring the board to you, rather than bending over. I hope this tutorial helps your riding, the same principles apply for wake to wake. Thanks so much for watching. David More

Comments Off on How to do Toeside Wake Jumps – Wakeboard Tutorial

Toeside is one of the hardest tricks/things to do on a wakeboard. Even pro wakeboaders sometimes find it difficult!

This tutorial is short and sweet but it includes all the necessary information for you to learn it fast.

1. Put shoulders parallel to wake.
2. Bring hip to handle.
3. Extra weight on front foot.
4. Lean on toes.
5. Push down on the handle, and stand tall at the wake.

I hope you learn from this tutorial, and thanks for watching.


00:00 intro
00:45 fundamentals
01:02 step 1
01:10 step 2
01:20 step 3
01:29 step 4
01:45 landing
01:55 top tip
02:22 visual display

Comments Off on How to Jump on a Wakeboard – 3 Tips to go Higher!

Jumping on a wakeboard can be tricky, particularly if you do it without any lessons, however here are some tips. 1. Always learn to jump on your heelside edge first 2. Slow the Boat down. 3. Keep your hands by your hips. 4. Keep your head up. On top of this, once you start to get the hang of it, it’s time to try and get more height. Soon we’ll be covering how to go wake to wake on your jumps, but for now, here are some tips to get a little more height. – Cut at the wake from a wider starting position. – increase the speed of your edge. – stand tall faster, and later on the wake. Hopefully this video helps you get some height, and we will be diving deeper into this soon. David More

Comments Off on How To Switch – Beginner Wakeboarding Switch Tutorial

Next up, how to ride switch. It’s super important to learn how to do it early in your wakeboarding journey as it opens endless possibilities as you progress your riding. What I find helps is: More

Comments Off on How to carve and cross the wake – Lesson 2

In this episode of Zero To Hero, we learn how to edge/carve on a wakeboard as well as crossing the wake with ease. There are three really useful tips for crossing over the wake: More

Comments Off on 4 Easy Steps to Wakeboard – Lesson 1

If you’re new to the sport and want to learn how to wakeboard, then these 4 steps will help you. More

Comments Off on Wakeboard World Championships 2022 | Practice | Italy

So we have just touched down in Italy (1 hour from Rome) for the IWWF Wakeboard World Championships. With over 160 competitors, a bunch of divisions and much more, it’s going to be a very exciting event. In this video we check out the location. the boat and take a practice ride. Unfortunately I won’t be competing this year as I have to leave early to head home for an important wedding! I hope you enjoy the video – and thank you for watching! David More

Comments Off on What is Wakeboarding? | Zero To Hero | New Series | Wakeboarding 101

I am delighted to finally get this new series underway. It’s something I have wanted to create for a number of years now, but never put the time or effort into. It’s called Zero To Hero and the concept is to have a documented step by step process of how to wakeboard. From never seeing it, all the way to inverts and spins. It’s essentially my wakeboarding masterclass! New videos will be dropping every Tuesday and Friday and all the videos will be in order. So as we begin the wake season, please join the learning process. I’m excited to see how quickly people can progress. Here’s an idea of some of the tutorials we will see this summer – getting up – crossing the wake – wake jumps – progressive edge – 180s – flips – spins and much much more. More

Comments Off on I Bought A Cheap 350z | High Mileage and Rusty | My First Jap Car

So I decided to sell my trusty, and reliable golf R after 13 months of ownership and replace it with an old beaten 350z. The 350z was owned by a wakeboarding friend of mine for the last 9 years. It’s a little worse for wear, however I can see a huge amount of potential. Here’s a list of some of the work that will be needed to restore it – Rear Quarter Panels X 2 – New Exhaust – All new suspension – Wheel Refurb – Lights refurb – Full service – probably a lot more….. I’m buzzing to get into something with a huge amount of character, and hopefully I learn a lot along the way. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on Free Riding at OWC | Raw Clips | Boat Wakeboarder on Cable

I wasn’t originally planning on making this a video, however, I decided it might be nice for you all to see that often even the pros crash, come off rails early, and miss grabs! I hope you enjoy this short and sweet video. Thanks to @John Haile for filming. David More

Comments Off on World Champion WakeSurfer – SEAN SILVEIRA | Free Ride | Ri245

Sean Silveira is WakeSurfing World Champion. He has also won the Pro Wakesurfing Tour multiple times. He is not only a Centurion Team Mate of mine, but also a Roswell one. We headed out on his new Ri245 to shoot for Roswell and I decided to get some behind the scenes footage of him free riding. It’s safe to say it’s the BEST WAKE SURFING I HAVE EVER SEEN! He has so much flow and control it’s staggering! I hope you enjoy watching him surf and all the tricks! It definitely show just how insane wake surfing can be! Thanks. David More

Comments Off on Best kneeboarder in the world! John Haile. Crazy kneeboard tricks

Yeah, John Haile is somewhat of a phenomenon! From flipping off obstacles, to hitting mega rails, he can do it all kneeboarding, and he does it with ease and a smile on his face. We went to his local wake park – OWC, which is one of the most well know cable parks in the world. So many crazy tricks and manoeuvres have been landed here. I’ve been friends with John for years and have wanted to film this video for so long and I’m delighted to finally bring it to YouTube. Make sure to check out his channel @John Haile for more goodness. Thanks so much for watching. Dave 0:00 intro 1:25 kneeboard shoes 1:40 kneeboarding 2:58 flipping 4:46 crazy tricks More

Comments Off on Learning to Foil in 1 hour – Centurion Ri245

So, I’ve just touched down in Orlando Florida, which is the home of all water sports, particularly wake based. One of my first stops was to my Centurion Boats team-mate, Sean Silveira, who is 4 time PWT champion, one time world champion and also a 6 time flow rider world champion. He took me out on his brand new Ri245. Unfortunately the wind was very strong and so after assessing the conditions we decided to leave the wakeboards and wakesurfs in the car, and go foiling. Sean definitely had to teach me how to foil. I have never foiled before and so it was a steep learning curve. Thankfully Sean was an awesome teacher and got me up – eventually! Despite many crashes, and swallowing half of Florida’s lake water, I really enjoyed it! After that we went for a little bit of exploration around the Clermont chain of lakes. From cliff diving off a large tree (10 metres), to bumping into Matt Manzari, it was a great day out! I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks so much for watching. David More

Comments Off on Riding Behind The Best Wakeboard Boat in the World | Wakeboarding with JB O’Neill | Centurion Boats

I finally got to get back to the USA wakeboarding, and what’s more I got to ride the new Centurion Ri230 which is the boat that will be towing the IWWF world championships in Italy in July. I headed to California for the 2023 model shoot. We were filming all their new boats and during the day, whilst we were taking a break, we managed to sneak out and ride the ri230. In short, the wake is INSANE! Clean, crisp and very poppy! I will have some more videos coming from the shoot, but for now, a big thanks for watching! David More

Comments Off on Lunar Wake Park Review – Spain, 2022

As you may have seen in some of my recent videos, I’ve been cable wakeboarding in the South of Spain at Lunar Wake Park. I decided to review the cable so that anyone looking to travel to this wake park can have some insight. This video covers all the key aspects: More

Comments Off on How to hit a big kicker! Wakeboarding Tutorial

So on day two of my trip to Lunar wakepark, I realised that unless you’re super advanced, you probably don’t know how to go over big ramps/kickers. I noticed Tim was struggling a little with getting the line, pop and landing perfect as the kickers in our home park are smaller. So after teaching him I decided to make an instructional video. More

Comments Off on My first Wakeboard Session of 2022 – feeling rusty!

We’re back!!! Finally back on the water after almost two full month! I flew to Lunar Wake Park in the south of Spain to get some ‘warm weather riding’ in. It’s a new cable that opened in 2020 and I’ve been wanting to go ride there since I first saw some photos! Whilst I felt very rusty on my wakeboard, it did feel amazing to be out on the water and hitting some obstacles! My fitness levels were a little disappointing but nothing a whole lot of wakeboarding can’t fix. Hope you enjoy the video. David More

Comments Off on Backroll – Wakeboarding Tips & Tricks
Backroll tips wakeboarding

This video is a comprehensive tutorial on how to do a backroll in wakeboarding. Generally speaking, a backroll is one of the first inverts/flips people learn on a wakeboard, the other is a tantrum. In this video we break the trick down into four parts: More

Comments Off on Best Wake Park in the World?
21 February 2022

Best Wake Park in the World?

OWC is without a doubt the World’s most iconic wake park. On any given day you will bump into multiple pro riders. Whether it’s Parks, Shaun Murray or Harley Clifford, they’ve all been there and all competed there! This video is a review of the wake park, discussing everything from pricing, the obstacles, and the atmosphere to the conditions. I hope you learn a bit about the cable in this video which will hopefully then make your decision to travel to Orlando Watersports Complex a little easier. A huge thank you for watching. David More

Comments Off on Wake to Wake Wakeboarding – How to – Secret Hacks

One of the most popular tricks when learning to wakeboarding is a Wake To Wake. This is where you jump from one side of the wake to the other. It’s not an easy trick and takes a lot of practice. In this video I talk about: 1. The approach. 2. The Take Off 3. The Air. 4. How to Land it. I also discuss some secret hacks to help you learn it a little more easily and safely. I hope it helps you learn your wake to wake, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments. Thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on Small Wake Wakeboarding!
28 January 2022

Small Wake Wakeboarding!

Whilst in Orlando, Florida I went to Lake Holden to meet up with my friend John Dreiling. He is mostly known for his incredible wake park riding skills. He often does some crazy gaps which break the internet and go viral. All this said, lately he has been riding the boat and doing a damn good job of it. He purchased a house on the lake, and it came with a free ski boat from the 1990s. He has added a pylon and is pushing and changing the way people are wakeboarding on the boat. I hope you enjoy the video. David More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding at OWC, Orlando, Florida

A wakeboarder can’t visit Florida without going to Orlando Watersports complex for a session. OWC is one of the most historical and important cable parks there has ever been. On any given day, there are tons of pro wakeboarders hanging out there. A big part of the reason for that is because Orlando is a hub for pro wakeboarding, but also because the park is pretty good too. In this video I go for a ride, get some GoPro and slo-mo shots going off the kickers. Hopefully you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on Renault Clio Track Car | First Drive | Engine Conversion from Megane RS | Meglio | Mondello Park

So this week I’m mixing it up a bit from the usual wakeboarding content as two two friends and I recently purchased this 2007 Renault Clio 197 Cup, with a Megane RS engine and running gear swap. I’ve always loved spending days on the track and so having two friends to go in on a proper car with is amazing. The car is roughly 280bhp (the boost is very limited) and also has a fully set up suspension. It’s fully stripped out, has bucket seats and a roll cage. The car impressed me so much, running the correct PSI on semi-slick tyres gave it so much traction and the slicks were a different story altogether. Looking forward to getting back to Mondello Park soon to go for another days racing. I hope you enjoy this different style video, and thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on O’Brien Watersports Photo Shoot – behind the scenes- Wakeboarding

It’s been a while since I met up with the O’Brien Watersports crew to do photo/video shoots. So, we headed out to O’Brien’s base, and one of my favourite wakeboarding lakes, Freedom Wake Park, in Orlando Florida, to ride and film. Here are a few behind the scenes shots I filmed on the day. It was really cool to see Weston rip it up on the WakeSurf too! I hope you enjoy this rather short video, and thanks so much for watching! David More